Your Duquesne University U-Pass allows you to ride public transportation at a reduced cost. It's easy to use, just load it onto your smartphone and go!

Please make sure you download the app and create your account as soon as possible so you receive your pass when issued by your U-Pass administrator (UPass@Duq.edu). U-Pass administrators may only issue passes once a month.


1icon.png Download the Ready2Ride app.

The Ready2Ride app can be found in the Apple App store or the Google Play app store.

2icon.png Create an account.

Please be sure to use your university email address.

3icon.png When you're ready to ride, select "Ticket Wallet"

4icon.png Select the ticket you want to use.

Your U-Pass will show up in your ticket wallet as a “Duquesne Monthly Pass”

5icon.png Select "Activate Ticket"

You'll be asked to verify.

6icon.png Hold your phone to the mobile scanner on the vehicle.

Please have your mobile pass activated and ready to scan before boarding the vehicle or entering the station platform.



What if I don’t see a pass in my ticket wallet?

Contact your university’s U-Pass administrator(UPass@Duq.edu). Ensure that the email on your account is the email that the university pushed the pass to.

What if the app is unresponsive?

Try logging out and logging back in. If that does not work, try powering your device off and back on. If you continue to experience technical difficulties, Contact Us.

What happens if my smartphone becomes inoperable (i.e. dead battery) before I can scan my mobile ticket or pass?

You're responsible for having a smartphone in good working order and usable before boarding. If your smartphone is inoperable you'll need to use another payment method.

I purchased a ticket or pass but my screen is unreadable. What should I do?

If your ticket or pass cannot be read or displayed, it is not valid. You will need to pay cash fare or use another fare method.

In the event that the validator has malfunctioned, you will be permitted to ride following a visual inspection and confirmation by the driver.

If your pass is not deemed valid by the driver following visual inspection, you'll be instructed to exit the vehicle and contact your U-Pass administrator.

What happens if I lose my mobile device or buy a new device? Can I transfer my tickets or passes?

To transfer your unused tickets or passes and account to a new device, download the application to your new device and log in to your account. If your previously purchased tickets or passes are not appearing after logging in, please Contact Us.