Allegheny County is constantly changing, and as it changes the transit system should evolve as well. This page is meant to be used for service requests that we will take into consideration on a rolling basis.

We strive to provide quality transit service in a manner that is efficient, effective and equitable. To do so, we must make a number of decisions based on competing priorities about where demand is greatest, which types of service would work best and be most appropriate, and where limited resources can and should be used.

And because we believe these decisions should be as fair, consistent, and transparent as possible, we've developed a process for collecting major service requests in conjunction with our service guidelines to evaluate all incoming requests in a consistent and transparent manner.

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Submit a Service Request

Service requests can also be send via U.S. Mail to

Pittsburgh Regional Transit
Attn: Service Requests
345 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

All requests must include contact information to be considered.

Evaluation of Requests        

Notification of Decisions        

Major service requests are accepted each year between January and November. Requests are reviewed and evaluated between December and March, and recommendations are published in a report each Spring.

View past Annual Service Reports