This combines multiple projects that were initially intended to be completed separately but have been included in one shutdown to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and minimize disruptions to passengers while enhancing the overall reliability and safety of this critical transit corridor.
The phases of construction from April to August 2024 represent our sincere efforts to minimize disruptions in service and reduce confusion.
The detours outlined cover the projects from May to August 2024.

May 16, 2024 – June 15, 2024
  • Beginning at 8pm May 16, crews will be replacing tracks and concrete at a grade crossing at Willow Street. Because of its location, this work will impact all three rail lines.

  • Between May 16 to May 29, work will be on the inbound tracks, so riders using St. Anne, Willow, and Overbrook Junction should use the outbound platforms to travel inbound or outbound. The Red Line will operate between downtown Pittsburgh to South Hills Village except for weekday mornings and afternoon rush hours (6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m.), when it will only run between downtown Pittsburgh and Overbrook Junction. Riders using stations south of Overbrook Junction during these times should board Blue Line rail cars.

  • Between May 29 to June 16, crews will switch sides to replace the outbound rail. Riders using St. Anne, Willow, and Overbrook Junction should use the inbound platforms to travel inbound or outbound. The Red Line will be operating as normal, from downtown to South Hills Village, during that portion of the work.

  • Additionally, rail cars will continue to terminate at Penn Station (adjacent to the East Busway) through May 31.

  • Riders on all rail routes may experience delays of up to 40 minutes while operators wait for oncoming vehicles to pass.

June 16, 2024 - July 14, 2024
  • Crews will be replacing tracks and concrete at a grade cross at Alfred Street. Rail cars will single-track between Overbrook Junction and Dormont Junction.
June 16, 2024 - August 31, 2024
  • The Red Line will be closed from Overbrook Junction to South Hills Junction to accommodate several rail projects. During this closure, all Red Line trips will be detoured via the Blue Line and will be renamed “Blue Line” to avoid confusion.


PRT will operate two new temporary bus shuttles and one temporary rail shuttle to accommodate riders.

Click on the route name to view the PDF schedule. 


The 42-Potomac will begin at Broadway Avenue at Potomac Avenue and end at Station Square. It will travel down Broadway Avenue (serving as many bus stops adjacent to the Red Line as possible) before travling travling on Route 19. 
  •   Weekday frequency: 20-minute peak, 30-minute off-peak
  •   Weekend frequency: 30 minutes all day

37-Castle Shannon

The 37-Castle Shannon will Start at Castle Shannon Station and end at Station Square. It will travel and serve stops along Castle Shannon Boulevard and Route 19.
  • Weekday frequency: 30-minute peak, 40 minute off-peak
  • Weekend frequency: 30-minutes all day

Red Short

The Red Line Short will operate from Overbrook Junction to Dormont Junction. This rail shuttle will allow riders to travel south to Overbrook Junction and transfer to the Blue Line at Willow and then board any inbound light-rail car to downtown Pittsburgh or outbound rail car to South Hills Village.

  • Every 30 minutes from mid-June to the end of August.


The 42-Potomac, 37-Castle Shannon, and the Red Line Short rail shuttle will be included in our scheduled work. Therefore, riders will be able to track them on TrueTime and third-party applications that show real-time vehicle location information.

Printed schedules will be made available on vehicles, at select stations, and at our Downtown Service Center.

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