Pittsburgh Regional Transit is embarking on an ambitious multi-year construction effort by investing more than $150 million to bolster the safety, reliability, and longevity of our region’s light-rail infrastructure.

PRT will combine multiple projects that were initially intended to be completed separately to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and minimize disruptions while enhancing the overall reliability and safety of this critical transit corridor.

Powerpoint Presentation: Rail Service Impact Projects 2024-2028

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Ongoing through June 2024
PRT is replacing the ventilation fans inside the Mt. Lebanon Transit Tunnel.
Ongoing through October 2025
This project consists primarily of concrete repairwork at multiple high-platorm rail stations along the Red Line.
April 5 - May 31
The plinth, or the beam upon which the tracks rest inside the subways under downtown Pittsburgh, is being repaired.
May 16 - September 3, 2024
January 2025 - February 2025
PRT will be replacing an estimated 10,000 feet of light rail track at various locations, including four areas where cars cross over the tracks.
February 2025 - August 2025
Belasco Station will be built with a high-level boarding platform.
February 2025 - July 2026
The tracks and the concrete in which they are embedded will be replaced.
Late 2025 - 2026
The tracks inside the Mount Lebanon Tunnel will be replaced.
Late 2025 into 2028
The bridge will be repaired and the tracks will be replaced.
To be determined
Station Square Station will be redesigned and reconstructed.
To be determined
Dormont Junction will be redesigned and reconstructed.

Full project timelines and service information, including detours, will be announced as we approach additional project milestones.