To improve our service and infrastructure, Pittsburgh Regional Transit engages in several capital projects each fiscal year. Millions of dollars are invested in projects that maintain and grow that infrastructure.

For Fiscal Year 2022, which ran from July 2021 to June 2022, several projects were completed that align with that committment. 

Projects completed:

Saw Mill Run Bridge Emergency Repairs 4 Emergency project consists of jacking and realignment of span 10 of bridge structure, reconstruction of abutment backwall, installation of new bearings at abutment 3 and pier 9 of structure, repair of rail expansion joint along total length of structure and concrete pavement restoration.
Non Destructive Testing of Rail 0.5 Non-destructive testing of all system trackwork to measure and monitor material thickness and identify hidden flaws that may require replacement.
Track Wear and Geometry Inspection 0.5 Complete assessment of system trackwork to ensure adherence to maintenance and inspections standards relating to rail wear and track geometry.
SHV Pit Repairs Project 15.8 Rehabilitation of the LRV maintenance pits including rail replacement, concrete repairs, new lighting and utility replacement, worker safety systems, walkways over pits and access stairs, as well as exterior building concrete apron repairs and drainage installation.
Various Trackwork procurements 2.6 Annual effort to purchase replacement components to keep the light rail system in a state of good repair.
Various Bridge Inspections 3.2 This project continues the annual increment of the Bridge Inspection Program which provides periodic inspections of bridges and tunnels on a bi-annual basis.
South Hills Village Parking Garage Concrete Repairs 0.4 Perform concrete repairs and joint replacement at the South Hills Parking Garage.
Centre Avenue Bridge Pedestal Repairs 0.5 Repair beam seat and pedestals at Centre Ave Bridge.
CBD Tunnel Lighting and Conduit Replacement 4.3 Replace existing lighting system within Central Business District tunnels with new LED Luminaries, conduit and cabling.
South Hills Village Rail Center Maintenance Building Mechanical Improvements 3.75 Various HVAC improvements at the South Hills Village Carhouse including rooftop units, air handlers, ductwork and digital controls.
Fall Protection Systems at Collier, East Liberty, Manchester, Ross, and West Mifflin 0.75 Fall protection systems to provide cable tie off for maintenance personnel working on top of buses at the bus garages.
Car Counter installation at Alpine Village Park n Ride 0.05 Pilot of car counter system at Alpine Park and Ride which provides real-time capacity information to customers
Validator Installation at select high platform stations 0.05 Replacement of the existing validators to the new fare payment system.
Penn Tunnel Fire Line Replacement 1.75 Replacement of leaking water lines on 7th avenue and along East Busway to Pitt Tower, including Gas line, and also fire hydrant replacement.
Manchester Engine Test Facility 3.5 Supply of new engine load cell and modifications to existing engine testing room to meet current testing requirements.
Shop Hoist at Collier and Manchester 4 Provide two bus lifts at Collier Bus Garage, three (3) bus lifts at Manchester Heavy Bus Maintenance Facility, Manchester parking deck repairs and new security gate.
McKeesport Park and Ride 3.75 Rehabilitation, expansion and reconfiguration at the McKeesport Park and Ride Lot including 4 passenger shelters, an operator relief facility, and new bus layover areas.
Mt. Washington Slope Stabilization 1 Installation of a soil nail system at the south portal of the Mt Washington Tunnel to stabilize the slope due to a recent hillside. Also includes re-construction of storm drainage piping damaged from the slide.
Overhead Maintenance and Recover Vehicle (OMRV) Replacement 5 Project will provide for an Overhead Maintenance Recovery Vehicle that will be capable of towing a crippled LRV during emergencies and will be used to conduct both routine and emergency maintenance on the rail catenary system.
Tamper Replacement 3 Replacement of the existing Tamper used to align and tamp the tracks on the light rail system.
Roof Replacements at West Mifflin and Manchester 9.5 Replace roof on Manchester and West Mifflin Bus Garages. Replace rooftop exhaust fans on East Liberty and West Mifflin Bus Garages.
Total Projects Approximate Value (In $M) 67.9  

The approximate value of the project is the overall approximate value (rounded for simplicity) over the life of the project, not necessarily the value spent in the given period since many of the projects span multiple years.

Value of Construction Related Contracts Approved By Board over the Period

  • $187 M

Value of Professional Service Contracts Approved By Board over the Period

  • $107 M

Capital Dollars Spent over the Period

  • $47.7M

Number of Bridges Inspected over the period

  • 28 Inspections performed.
  • 79 Total Bridge in PRT Bridge Inventory

Number of Bridges Repaired over the period

  • 4 Bridge Repair Projects completed

Number of tunnels inspected over the period

  • 7 Inspections performed.
  • 8 Total Tunnels in PRT Tunnel Inventory

Amount of Track inspection performed over the period

  • 5 Miles (~596,000 Linear Feet of Rail)

Number of Work Orders & Contracts issued over the period

  • 122 Issued
  • Valued at $112M

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