Public transit is inherently good for the environment. But we don't stop there. 

Our Green Mission

We are committed to sustainable measures that help the environment and encourage both transit use and intermodal commuting.

Sustainability is part of daily business to enhance regional quality of life by:

Public transit has been green before "green" was a buzzword.

Hybrid Buses

We have 32 hybrid diesel-electric buses in fleet. Compared to diesel buses, hybrid buses produce fewer emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. On average, hybrid buses attain 25 percent greater fuel mileage and achieve better acceleration than diesel buses.

Clean Diesel

Bikes on Transit

All our buses are equipped with bike racks to encourage bike-to-bus commutes, and riders can bring their bikes on board the light rail system and inclines.

Getting Connected

ConnectCards greatly reduce the amount of paper used to print passes and tickets.