We are committed to supporting and providing the public transit needs of Allegheny County and its citizens and visitors, expanding and promoting business, development and other opportunities within Allegheny County and seeking to advance the region’s role as a world leader.

Our goal is to be a public transit leader, supporting regional growth and prosperity by providing public transit services and by supporting and participating in the communities of Allegheny County. To further this goal, we will consider contributions and sponsorships with external organizations that directly and substantially relate to our operation and will advance our mission, vision and strategic goals.

We support and participate in the communities that it serves through contributions and sponsorships to civic, education and non-profit programs, activities and events that:

  • Directly and substantially relate to our public transit operations, mission and goals;
  • Strengthen our community outreach efforts; and,
  • Enhance our reputation for being a public transit and community leader.

We recognize that contributions for community or charitable purposes can provide a direct benefit to us and our transit operations and system through enhanced visibility and community acceptance, which is of intangible benefit to us.

This policy and guidelines set forth the principles and practices for us in evaluating and considering proposals for charitable sponsorships and/or contributions. The purpose of this document is to outline the policy, guidelines and processes that will be used to assess any sponsorship or contribution request received.

All requests for charitable in-kind or financial support must be made, in writing, a minimum of 30 days in advance of the requested support, to our Communications Officer, by completing the Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form or the online Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form.

Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form (PDF)

 Or complete the form online:

Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request

Please review the guidelines below before you complete the Form.

Sponsorship and Contribution Guidelines: We will consider requests that are in the organization's best interest, meet these guidelines, directly and substantially relate to our purpose and operations, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Nonprofit and community events that provide messaging and outreach specific to our purpose and goals, and include activities such as events, programs, conferences or sessions on issues related to public transit.
  • Educational programs and activities relating to our public outreach strategy or relating to career opportunities in the public transit industry.
  • Economic development, tourism or other activities relating to our role in public transit, growing awareness of the public transit in Allegheny County, and increasing and improving public transit service.
  • Requests that advance, and are consistent with our overall mission, vision and strategic initiatives and strengthen our brand.
  • Events, programs, conferences or sessions on issues that relate to, or promote, our service area.

Requests not eligible to receive charitable sponsorship or contributions include:

  • Requests that do not meet these guidelines;
  • Events, activities, or organizations that do not align with our mission, vision or goals;
  • Requests for events or activities that could potentially harm our reputation;
  • Individual / personal requests;
  • Political organizations or candidates;
  • Groups that discriminate on any basis as prohibited by federal, state, or local law;
  • Groups that promote violence;
  • Religious organizations, unless for general community benefit and not promoting any religious doctrine; or,
  • For-profit entities or organizations.

Process to be considered for charitable sponsorship or contributions:

  • All requests must be in writing, using the Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form or the online Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form, and directed to Port Authority’s Communications Officer for review and final approval.

Requests made by a specific organization Division or employee must also be approved by the applicable  Assistant General Manager; we will only consider, and potentially grant, requests to government or non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations; The organization for which the request is made must have a demonstrated effective program performance in addition to financial responsibility and accountability; Requests must be made at least 30 days before the requested support; Only one donation request per organization per Port Authority’s fiscal year; and, All donation requests must be within Port Authority’s budget for the applicable fiscal year and within authorized limits.

All requests for contributions and sponsorships will be accepted or rejected in the sole discretion of the organization.


Please print, fill out and return the Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request Form (PDF) to:

Pittsburgh Regional Transit
Communications Division
345 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

or complete the online Charitable Sponsorship/Contribution Request