Building on the East Busway is a planning effort that will explore opportunities for new stations, transit-oriented development, and multimodal improvements along the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway. 

This plan has three (3) major components:

Wilkinsburg Station Area and Brushton Station Area Plan Upgrades

We will be evaluating potential station area improvements and transit-oriented development opportunities along the East Busway at Wilkinsburg Station and a potential future Brushton Station located a few blocks west. 

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Infill Station Procedure

Provide a clear and transparent process to make infill station decisions for busways and develop indicators to assess the pros and cons of any potential station site and differentiate the benefits/drawbacks among multiple station possibilities using PRT's values.

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Additional (Infill) East Busway Stations

Conceptual station area plans for up to three new infill stations along the East Busway that address station access, station design, and transit-oriented development opportunities. 

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BOTEB Planning Area Map (click to enlarge)



How you can participate

We invite you to give your input on what improvements you'd like to see.

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Public Meetings

We want to hear from you about the future of these East Busway stations! Join us online or in-person at our upcoming public meetings for an update on the Wilkinsburg and Burstion Station Area Plans. Click the button below to register for our online meeting (required).

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