Pittsburgh Regional Transit's bulk pass pilot program allowed businesses and multifamily building managers to buy unlimited-ride passes for their employees or residents at deep discounts during a 6-month period in 2023.

Pilot Summary and Next Steps

PRT received a small grant from the Heinz Endowments to conduct a bulk pass pilot study which ended in November of 2023. PRT received interest from approximately 50 employers ranging from the very largest in our region down to very small businesses. Funding allowed PRT to work with a few employers that had demonstrated a commitment to public transit in their applications, resulting in 113 passes for four employers across Allegheny County. 

Employees completed a pre-pilot survey to allow PRT to understand their travel behaviors. During the pilot PRT used their actual travel behavior from the transit passes they received. At the end of the pilot, participants completed a final survey with more detailed questions so that PRT can better understand the experiences of the passholders during the pilot.

Initial results of the pilot showed that the passes were highly valued by the employees who received them. They used transit more, expanded the types of trips they took on transit, and reported that they would choose between two similar jobs based on whether transit passes were provided by the employer. Employers were also very happy with the program and expressed the desire to continue providing this benefit to their employees after the pilot ended.

PRT continues to review the data from this pilot and other considerations to develop a permanent universal pass program that may be offered during 2024.

The content below is archived from the period when the pilot program was active and will no longer be updated. New fare programs are expected to be announced in 2024.


There’s work-life and there's life-life. Help your employees or residents find fulfillment in both with Pittsburgh Regional Transit's bulk pass pilot program.

In today's market, it's more important than ever to attract and retain great employees and tenants with great benefits. So whether your tenants or employees live at the office, work from home or somewhere in between, you can reduce their transportation costs and improve their quality of life.


Bulk Discount Pass Program  
Full Price $97.50/month
Bulk Price $25/month
% Discount 74%
Program Participation Requirements  
Program Requirements Businesses with 10 or more employees; multifamily residences with 10 or more units located within 1/2 mile of transit access
Minimum Contract Period 6 months (for pilot)
On-site Administration Web portal access


Bulk Pass Pilot FAQs        

Use the search button at the top of the map to determine if your location is eligible to participate in the Bulk Pass Pilot Program. Properties within 1/2 mile of PRT fixed transit routes are highlighted in purple.


PRT's Bulk Pass Pilot Program is graciously supported by The Heinz Endowments.