Get up to speed on our rider tools.

If it’s been a while since you rode public transit, don’t worry. Our rider tools will make sure you’re good to go. There are interactive maps, schedules and trip-planning tools, including one that tells you when your vehicle will arrive, and another that shows how many seats should be available. So start planning your next ride, and welcome back!

Safety First.


As more and more of us return to work, know that we are going the extra mile to ensure your safety. Our in-depth safety plan includes vehicle sanitization, new air filters and a strict adherence to CDC guidelines for transit, including masks for all drivers and riders.

Learn about our in-depth safety plan.

Map Out Your Trip.


To make sure you’re taking the best route for your commute, start with our interactive map. For more details, such as weekday, weekend and holiday schedules, turn to our Schedule Finder for a complete list of bus, light rail and incline schedules.

Plan your next ride.



If you want to know how many riders you can expect on your bus, Room2Ride is the tool for you. Using historical data, we’ll let you know how full your bus should be and how many seats should be available. It’s a great way to plan ahead and choose the travel time—and space— that suits you best.

Give Room2Ride A Try.

Track transit in TRUETIME™


Why wonder where your ride is when you can know? With TrueTime™, you can track your bus or light rail vehicle in real time, and see when it’s estimated to be at your stop. Please make sure you arrive at your stop a few minutes before the estimated arrival time.

Track your transit.

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