Room2Ride helps you estimate how full your bus usually is at scheduled bus stop time points.

Room2Ride was recently updated to reflect the average number of riders on each bus route after capacity limits were lifted on June 20, 2021.

Use the tool to see whether your bus is likely to have many seats (dark blue), few seats (light blue), standing room (light orange), or limited standing room (dark orange) available based on two weeks of historical data.

While these numbers can help to provide a good idea of what to expect, this is not realtime data. For realtime arrival and vehicle capacity information, please visit our TrueTime site.

*The information within this tool is accumulated from a rolling 2 weeks worth of trips. Note that this is historical data and is not representative of future activity.


Q: How does PRT use this data?

A: In addition to now making this information available to the public, PRT tracks passenger capacity on all of our routes to make sure we're putting enough service on the road to meet demand. This helps us make decisions for our quarterly service updates. This information allows us to know where to put extra service on the road depending on the availibility of employees and vehicles.

Q: How is this data collected?

A: Our bus fleet is equipped with automatic passenger counters at each door. APCs are invisible lasers that count the number of passengers who board and exit the bus.

Q: How often is this tool updated? 

A: The information in this tool is based on the previous two weeks of data collected, and is refreshed every Thursday. 

Q: Why are light rail vehicles not included in this data?

A: At this time, light rail vehicles are not equipped with automatic passenger counters.

Q: Why is a blue, gray and orange color scale used instead of green, yellow and red?

A: The blue, gray and orange color scale was designed specifically with accessibility in mind for those who may have difficulty differentiating between shades of green and red. 


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