Stored Value Full Fare


Valid for three hours with unlimited transfers

Stored Value Half Fare


Valid for three hours with unlimited transfers

Cash Fare


Valid for a single ride

Half Fare Cash


Valid for a single ride

Day Pass


Valid from the start of service until the end of service within a single day

7-Day Pass Full Fare


Valid for 7 days after first use

7-Day Pass Half Fare


Valid for 7 days after first use

31-Day Pass Full Fare*


Valid for 31 days after first use

31 Day Pass Half Fare


Valid for 31 days after first use

Annual Pass


Valid for 365 days from the effective date

If purchased on the 15th of the month or earlier, the pass will be effective the 1st of the month in which it was purchased (for example, an annual pass purchased on January 15 will have an effective date of January 1).

If purchased on the 16th of the month or later, the pass will be effective the 1st of the following month (for example, an annual pass purchased on January 16 will have an effective date of February 1).

Connect Card Fee





Persons age 65 or older who present a blue or yellow Pennsylvania Senior Citizen ID Card or a Senior ConnectCard at the time of fare payment ride free.

Kids Fare


Children under 5 ride for free with a fare paying adult. Limit four free children per adult. 

Children ages 6-11 ride at half-fare with a Kid's ConnectCard

Kid's ConnectCard Application























Additional notes: 

All fares applicable to all our transportation modes excluding U-Pass participants or other contractual fare agreements

The ACCESS Half Fare Card and ACCESS paratransit fares have no proposed changes.

Discount fares are available for individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients and children ages 6-11.

Older adults age 65 or older who present a blue or yellow Pennsylvania Senior Citizen ID Card or a Senior ConnectCard at the time of fare payment ride free, as do children 5 years of age or younger when accompanied by a paying adult.

Using Outdated Products


The ConnectCard is our smart card that provides a more convenient and secure way to pay your fare. The ConnectCard can store a variety of fare options, including passes and cash value. Using a ConnectCard instead of cash provides you with three hours of unlimited transfers for the same price as a single trip.

ConnectCard Monthly Pass

If you purchased a monthly pass on your ConnectCard BEFORE January 1 to use in January 2022, some of our systems, including ConnectCard machines and retail locations, will not allow you to purchase a 7-Day or 31-Day pass to use in February while the January pass is still active on your card because your pass is a fare product from our former fare structure. Once your January pass expires, you will be able to purchase a new 7-Day or 31-Day pass to your ConnectCard, as well as add a pending pass, without issue.

If you are not able to wait until your current monthly pass expires to purchase a new pass, and need to have an alternate fare option in advance of February 1, the following options are available:

 - Add a pending 7-Day or 31-Day pass online at
 - Add stored value to your ConnectCard
 - Purchase a 3-Hour Pass, Day Pass or 7-Day Pass ConnecTix
 - Use mobile ticketing (for bus and incline riders)
 - Visit the Downtown Service Center at 623 Smithfield Street to receive a second ConnectCard free of charge, and purchase a second monthly pass ready to use for February

This does not affect customers who purchased fare products after January 1.

ConnectCard Autoload Feature

Since the new weekly and monthly passes only become active when you first use them, you'll no longer be able to have these passes automatically load onto your ConnectCard on a given day or date.

If you are currently signed up for a pass that loads automatically each month, your subscription will be canceled.

You can still automatically load up to $200 in stored value on your ConnectCard on a recurring schedule.

Stored cash value is money loaded onto your ConnectCard to pay for transit rides. Cash value stored on your ConnectCard is deducted to pay your fare (and transfer) when you tap your card at a farebox. For example, if you load $20 of stored cash value onto your ConnectCard, then take a ride, $2.75 will be deducted from your card, leaving a balance of $17.25.

If you are signed up for a recurring reloading of stored value, it will continue as usual.


ConnecTix and Other Fare Products

ConnecTix are limited-use paper tickets that can only be purchased at ConnectCard machines. ConnecTix are designed for visitors and occasional riders, and can be tapped to the fare box just like a regular ConnectCard.

Riders who before January 1 purchased a single-trip ConnecTix, a 10-trip ConnecTix, a trip + transfer ConnecTix or any other product that does not transition to the new fare structure at a ConnectCard machine will still be able to use that fare product for the number of trips at the time of purchase until it expires. (For example, a single-trip ConnecTix will not include free transfers for up to three hours; a trip + transfer ConnecTix will only provide one trip and one transfer).

How to Check Your Fare Product's Expiration

Conveniently check the expiration of your fare product at the fare box.  

If you are using a 7-Day or 31-Day pass: The expiration date and time will show after tapping your card. The expiration time will be the end of service on the date your pass expires.


If you are using stored value: When you first tap your fare product the fare box will display the fare that is being deducted for that ride, the expiration date and remaining balance on your card.


If you are using stored value and transferring within the unlimited three-hour window: The expiration time of your transfer window will display. Additionally, transfers will show as $0.00 and your remaining card balance will also be displayed. 


If you are using ConnecTix: The expiration date and time of the activated pass will display.


You will also be able to check the expiration of your fare product online at (if your ConnectCard is registered online), on a ConnectCard machine, or on your mobile app if you are using a mobile ticket or pass.