Ready2Ride™ Terms and Conditions

Ready2Ride™ is Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s mobile ticketing application for use at bus fareboxes, light rail vehicle fareboxes, light rail station entrances, and the Monongahela (operated by PRT) and Duquesne (operated by The Society for the Preservation of the Duquesne Heights Incline) Inclines.  Ready2Ride provides a mobile ticketing service for PRT riders.

These Terms and Conditions constitute your Ready2Ride Agreement and shall apply to all activity with respect to the use of the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application and aggregator applications which enable the purchase of PRT tickets and passes, including sales provided by and through Masabi LLC (“Masabi”).

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before downloading and using the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing app.  PRT may update these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason, without notice, so it is important that you check these Terms and Conditions regularly for changes.

Use and Security

The security of your mobile device, Ready2Ride mobile pass and registering your mobile account is your responsibility. In the event that the Ready2Ride mobile pass or your mobile device is lost or stolen, PRT will transfer any remaining mobile passes, from the time that the loss or theft is reported to PRT, to a new mobile device. Transferring passes from one mobile device requires that the app be registered.

You should activate the mobile ticket or pass just before scanning it at the validator. Tickets and passes have an expiration period once activated, as shown on the activation screen. Your Ready2Ride mobile pass should be displayed clearly on the mobile device screen when scanning it at a validator or asked by PRT's fare collector or inspector to view the Ready2Ride mobile pass. It is your responsibility to maintain a mobile device that is capable of clearly displaying the activated ticket for validation. PRT is not responsible for passes or any additional expenses that may be incurred by a user due to a device that cannot properly display the activated ticket through no fault of PRT. The Ready2Ride mobile pass must be retained during your entire trip on a PRT bus, light rail vehicle or incline. If you are unable to show a valid pass, you will be required to provide an alternate form of payment or may be asked to exit the PRT transit vehicle.

If the Ready2Ride mobile pass has been damaged or is not clearly readable on your mobile device in any way, the pass becomes invalid and a new one must be purchased. If you delete the Ready2Ride mobile ticket application, you will also delete your mobile pass(es). If you reinstall the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application on the same mobile device it was original deleted from, your mobile pass(es) will be downloaded to the device. Inactive tickets and passes will expire 30 days after purchase or once a pass validity date is reached. If a ticket or pass is not going to be used before it expires, it is your responsibility to self-refund the ticket before it expires.

Prices and Receipts

The price of a Ready2Ride mobile pass is the same as a pass you purchase from a ConnectCard™ ticket vending machine, or through PRT’s Service Center or a PRT authorized retail sales vendor. When you purchase a mobile pass on the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application, you will be notified of the price of the pass before you confirm your purchase. A purchase receipt will be emailed to the address entered at the time of purchase or to the one on record for registered accounts.

Kids incline tickets are available for purchase. If a rider over the age of 12 attempts to use a Kids incline ticket, they will be required to provide an alternate form of payment, may be asked to exit the incline vehicle and may be subject to legal action. For more information on fares, please visit the PRT web page at, and click on the “Fares” tab or contact PRT’s Customer Service Department during its normal operating hours at 412.442.2000. 

To purchase reduced fare passes on the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application, you must be eligible for reduced fare.  For more information on reduced fares, please visit, click the “Fares” tab, and then click the “Discounted Fares” tab or contact PRT’s Customer Service Department during its normal operating hours at 412.442.2000.

PLEASE NOTE that the ability to register and purchase a half fare pass on the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application is provided through PRT’s Downtown Service Center. If a customerchooses to use the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application for half fare passes, and already has a Half Fare ConnectCard; the user’s Half Fare ConnectCard will be deactivated through the service center and replaced by the Ready2Ride mobile app with half fare eligibility activated.  Eligible customers can only have one type of half fare pass at any one period of time.

Your Ready2Ride mobile pass may be sold to you by and through PRT’s mobile pass contractor, Masabi. The mobile pass itself creates a contract between you and PRT for the provision of the public transportation services that the mobile pass allows you to use. It is PRT that provides these services to you under the mobile pass and in no event will Masabi be responsible for or have any liability to you in relation to these services or their availability or performance (including your use or access to any PRT operated vehicle, the PRT network, your use of any services provided under your mobile pass or for your use of the mobile retail app).

Transit Mobile Application Use and Ownership

PRT grants you the right to download, install and use the Ready2Ride mobile application on your iOS or Android mobile device to purchase passes and access information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Ready2Ride mobile application is protected by US and international copyright, trademark laws, and other laws. Unauthorized use may violate such copyright, trademark, or other laws. You do not and will not own the Ready2Ride mobile application or any information that is provided to you through it or PRT, Masabi, or their respective licensors or vendors, but you may use the application in accordance with these Terms and Conditions solely for the purposes of purchasing and using mobile passes and accessing transport information for your own personal use and not for any other purpose. The mobile application is provided to you free of charge. PRT can suspend or fully block access to purchasing passes through the Ready2Ride mobile application for any reason, at its sole discretion, including but not limited to attempts to fraudulently utilize the Ready2Ride mobile application. 

The Ready2Ride mobile ticket application is operated by PRT and is either owned by PRT or its authorized third party licensor(s) vendor(s) or contractor(s) (including without limitation Masabi) and any data, text, graphics, images, audio and video clips, logos, icons, software and links and any intellectual property and other rights relating thereto, are and will remain the property of PRT or Masabi or their respective licensor(s), vendor(s) or contractor(s). You may not copy (other than copies made incidentally on your mobile device in the course of your use of the Ready2Ride mobile ticket application), reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute the Ready2Ride mobile ticket application or any of its content without the prior written permission of PRT and its respective licensors vendor(s) or contractor(s), You may not: (i) reverse engineer, decompile or seek to obtain the source code to the Ready2Ride mobile ticket application except where and to the extent expressly required to be permitted by applicable law; or (ii) make or seek to make derivative works based on the Ready2Ride mobile ticket application.  Use or downloading of the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application is conditioned on acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. By using or downloading the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application, you agree to such Terms and Conditions. 

Data Charges

The Ready2Ride mobile ticketing application is free, but data charges may be incurred to you by your cell phone network or other mobile data services provider. You are solely responsible for any such costs. PRT will not take responsibility for any connectivity issues that you may experience.

Availability & Updates

The Ready2Ride mobile pass can be used on PRT’s public transit system. The fare charged is based on PRT fare policy and structure in effect at the time of purchasing a pass. The mobile pass is valid when the ticket is validated on the validator through the Ready2Ride mobile application after purchase. You may not start your trip on a PRT transit vehicle until you have a valid pass. Once purchased, the Ready2Ride mobile pass will specify the fare type, the validity of the pass and its expiration date. Passes purchased on ConnectCard and through the Ready2Ride mobile application are not interchangeable. The PRT is not responsible for purchase transactions that cannot be completed due to the lack of cellular coverage.  Mobile tickets purchased directly through the Transit App are not available for use through the Ready2Ride mobile application. PRT is not responsible for Transit App mobile tickets.

PRT reserves the right to issue updates to the Ready2Ride mobile application, in which case you may not be able to continue use of the version of the mobile application installed on your mobile device without downloading the latest update. By downloading and using the Ready2Ride app, you are agreeing to install all updates issued. PRT is not liable for errors or defects that become apparent in old versions of the Ready2Ride mobile application.

Changes, Refunds and Pass Expiration

All refund requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Ready2Ride mobile passes can be refunded through the Ready2Ride mobile application if they have not been used and have not expired. Partially used passes cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded except in extraordinary circumstances. Riders seeking change, cancellation or refund on partially used Ready2Ride mobile passes must present their request in person at the PRT Service Center located at 623 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 during its normal operating hours. PRT reserves the right and ability to correct the balance on your Ready2Ride mobile pass if PRT believes that a technical or accounting error has occurred. The decision to change, cancel or refund a Ready2Ride mobile pass is made at PRT's sole and absolute discretion. PRT is not permitted to provide a cash reimbursement in any circumstances. Neither PRT nor Masabi shall be obliged to change, cancel, replace, or refund a ticket where PRT has reason to believe that the circumstances prompting the change, cancellation, replacement, or refund is the result of fraud. In the event that PRT believes that the circumstances prompting the request for change, cancellation, replacement or refund is the result of fraud, PRT may refer the matter to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

Termination of Ready2Ride Privileges

PRT may terminate your use of PRT’s Ready2Ride mobile application for fraud, misuse or violations of any policies or rules for utilizing PRT’s public transit system and services. Upon such termination, PRT may deactivate, either temporarily or permanently, your use of and access to PRT’s Ready2Ride mobile application.

Privacy Policy

PRT may use the information it collects from your download and usage of PRT’s Ready2Ride mobile application for management and promotion of the Ready2Ride program, PRT’s public transit operations and fare media, policy and structure. In order to make the Ready2Ride mobile application available to you, PRT will also need to share your information with some of our third-party service providers, including but not necessarily limited to the Ready2Ride mobile application provider Masabi, credit card payment processing agencies, and financial institutions. These parties may also need to collect certain financial and other additional information about you. Masabi’s privacy policy (available at explains how they will use the information which you have provided in connection with the Ready2Ride mobile application.

Except as set forth herein, PRT will not sell or disclose your information for any other purpose without your written consent, unless there is a legal requirement (such as a statute, court order or lawfully issued warrant or subpoena for such disclosure). PRT may release or use personal information in connection with (a) legal proceedings or contemplated legal proceedings that directly relate to such information, including but not limited to instances of fraud or suspected fraud and/or misuse of the Ready2Ride mobile ticketing app; or (b) in response to a warrant, subpoena or court order specifically requesting such information. In cases involving threat of imminent harm to you or others, PRT may also release such information to prevent or mitigate the threat. In any such case, PRT will seek to limit the scope of the disclosure and restrict such disclosures only to appropriate authorities and will disclose only such personal information as is reasonably required to fulfill the purpose of the disclosure.



No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity

Nothing in this Agreement, or PRT’s sale or operation of Ready2Ride or related fare media or public transit services through PRT’s Ready2Ride mobile application, shall be deemed or implied to be a waiver of PRT’s sovereign, governmental or other privileges or defenses available to PRT at law or equity. Rather, PRT expressly reserves the rights, privileges and immunities afforded to it as a government agency and agency and arm of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania organized and existing pursuant to the Second Class County PRT Act, as amended.


The invalidity of any term or terms of this Agreement shall not affect any other term of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.


PRT reserves its right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without advance notice. If PRT decide to change its Terms and Conditions, PRT will post the new Terms and Conditions at its Downtown Service Center and on its web site as soon as possible.

No Representations as to Future Fare Structure or Fees

The Ready2Ride mobile application is a type of fare media and does not entitle the user to a specific fare price or fare program. PRT reserves the right to increase fares and the cost and structure of fare programs and fare media made available to the general public in accordance with applicable law and PRT Board policy.


Your use of the Ready2Ride mobile application is subject to all applicable tariffs, terms, conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Fare Policy/Structure Controls

To the extent that these Ready2Ride Terms and Conditions are inconsistent with any portion of PRT’s Board-adopted Fare Policy/Fare Structure; the Fare Policy/Structure is deemed controlling and takes precedence over these Ready2Ride Terms and Conditions.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Venue shall lie in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Notice of Effective Date

Effective Date of this version of PRT’s Ready2Ride ™ mobile application Terms and Conditions: May 31, 2021.  Updated as of July 6, 2022 in conjunction with rebranding of Port Authority d/b/a PRT.