At Pittsburgh Regional Transit, our mission is to advance our region by investing in our communities and connecting people in a safe, equitable, and reliable manner. 

Pittsburgh Regional Transit's FY 2023-2028 Strategic Plan has been meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of our community. Rooted in our core values of Accountability, Resiliency, and Customer Experience, this plan outlines our vision for the future and how we intend to navigate challenges and seize opportunities ahead.  

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Explore Pittsburgh Regional Transit's comprehensive strategic plan, established in the summer of 2022. This five-year plan, a proactive framework, is our commitment to you, enabling the agency to plan and respond to the evolving needs of our employees, riders, and stakeholders, ensuring a secure and confident future for all.  

Collaboration is critical to our success. Across all levels of the agency, teams are actively developing workplans to achieve our strategic goals. This collaborative effort marks the beginning of the implementation phase, where we translate vision into action. We aim to enhance our services and effectively serve the region's transportation needs.  

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is not just dedicated to progress and innovation, but we are also excited about the possibilities they bring. Join us as we strive to create a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable transit system for our community, resulting in a future we eagerly look forward to. 

Throughout the planning process, PRT reimagined a new vision, mission, and defined its new values: 






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The original plan and its companion document, can be found here:

Strategic Plan

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Companion Document

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