Each year, the Spirit of King Award Ceremony honors the lifetime achievements of a local resident who pursues human rights and equality in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We have been a proud sponsor of this event since its inception.

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View the Spirit of King Award Ceremony booklet: A Chronology of Past and Present Award Recipients, 2023 edition

2024: Dr. Rex L. Crawley and James F. Henry, Jr.        

2023: John H. Adams and Bill Nunn, Jr.        

2022: Dr. Sylvester Pace and Bernard H. Jones, Sr.        

2021: Elmer McClung        

2020: Robert R. Lavelle and Nate Smith, Sr.        

2019: Harvey Adams, Jr. and Judge Walter R. Little        

2018: Katie Everette-Johnson        

2017: Cmdr. Gwen Elliott and Walt Harper        

2016: Dorothy I. Height and Dr. Curtis Walker        

2015: K. Leroy Irvis        

2014: Rev. LeRoy Patrick and August Wilson        

2013: Dr. Barbara Ann Sizemore        

2012: Dr. Edna Beatrice Chappell McKenzie and Monsignor Charles Owen Rice        

2011: Rowlette Brown and Malvin R. Goode        

2010: Bishop Charles H. Foggie and Jake Milliones, Ph.D.        

2009: Frank E. Bolden and Charles "Teenie" Harris        

2008: Richard F. Jones, Esq. and Mamie H. Lee        

2007: Robert E. Williams        

2006: Dr. Eugene Lloyd Youngue, Jr. and Everett Emory Utterback, Esq.        

2005: Florence Reizenstein and Rev. Elmer Louis Williams        

2004: William Clarence "Billy" Eckstine and George W. Gaines, Sr.        

2003: Dr. Selma Hortense Burke and Charles Henry Kindle        

2002: Dr. Alma Johnson Illery and Dr. James A. Stewart        

2001: Hazel Garland and Dr. Oswald Jerry Nickens        

2000: Louis Mason, Jr. and Frankie Pace        

1999: Oliver Wendell Mason        

1998: Oliver Livingstone Johnson        

1997: Daisy E. Lampkin        

1996: John Brewer, Sr. and Robert L. Vann        

1995: Mary Cardwell Dawson        

1994: Roberto Clemente and Josh Gibson        

1993: Mary Elizabeth Goode Dudley        

1992: Margaret L. Dobbins Milliones        

1991: James McCoy, Jr.        

1990: Matthew Moore, Sr.        

1989: Wilhelmina Byrd Brown        

The Spirit of King ceremony is co-sponsored by us, the Kingsley Association and the New Pittsburgh Courier.

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