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Building on the East Busway is a planning effort that will explore opportunities for new stations, transit-oriented development, and multimodal improvements along the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway. 

This plan has three (3) major components:

Wilkinsburg Station Area and Brushton Station Area Plans

After 18 months and three rounds of collaborative community conversations, the Wilkinsburg and Brushton Station Area Plan is complete. PRT will be moving forward with the next phase of design in 2024. You can review the project website at the link below and come back to this page to stay up-to-date as the project moves forward. A special thanks to the communities of Wilkinsburg and Homewood for all your time, input, and hospitality during the planning process!

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Infill Station Procedure

Provide a clear and transparent process to make infill station decisions for busways and develop indicators to assess the pros and cons of any potential station site and differentiate the benefits/drawbacks among multiple station possibilities using PRT's values.

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Additional (Infill) East Busway Stations

Conceptual station area plans for up to three new infill stations along the East Busway that address station access, station design, and transit-oriented development opportunities. 

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BOTEB Planning Area Map (click to enlarge)


Station Area Plans

Wilkinsburg & Brushton Station Area Plans: View Executive Summary | View Plan

How you can participate

To learn more about each station area plan and give your input on what imporvements you would like to see, please visit our public engaement page.

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