Through the Bus and Rail Shelter Program, we assess existing shelters at bus and light rail stops in need of improvement and works to install brand new shelters.

We also partner with communities and property owners to identify opportunities for the placement of new shelters. 

While the availability of resources, space and property control limitations prevent many stops from being a candidate for the program, our goal is to improve rider amenities where possible.

The shelters at the following 10 light rail stops will be removed beginning in March, 2022 and replaced with new shelters in April, 2022.

Location Line Municipality Stop ID # Direction
Hillcrest Silver Bethel Park 99964 Inbound
Mesta Silver Bethel Park 99956 Inbound
South Park Road Silver Bethel Park 99933 Inbound
Munroe Silver Bethel Park 99952 Inbound
Sarah Silver Bethel Park 99944 Inbound
Logan Road Silver Bethel Park 99960 Inbound
King School Road Silver Bethel Park 99962 Inbound
Beagle Silver Bethel Park 99982 Inbound
West Library Silver Bethel Park 99921 Inbound
Casswell Blue/Red Bethel Park 99978 Inbound


The following bus stops will receive new shelters in early April, 2022. 

Location Municipality Stop ID # Direction
Bessemer Ave at Grandview Ave East Pittsburgh 7035 Inbound
Lysle Blvd opp Coursin St McKeesport 9917 Inbound
Lysle Blvd opp Evans St McKeesport 9915 Inbound/Outbound


Bus and Rail Shelter Program Archive

View an archive of the shelters that have previously been added or replaced as part of the Bus and Rail Shelter Program.

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If you are a property owner and would like to work with us to have a bus shelter placed on your property, or if you are a rider with a suggestion for the placement of a new bus shelter, please contact us.

We also encourage you to contact us if you have concerns about the condition of your bus or rail shelter. 

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