Our new name and brand are the result of a multi-year process that included research and collaboration with everyday riders across the region and an in-depth audit of the most forward-thinking transit agencies in the world.

Why the change?

Quite simply, the Pittsburgh region has evolved. The city is fast becoming a world leader in technologies that define the cutting edge. A clear, concise name for Pittsburgh's regional transit system was long overdue. It was time to put the old name and identity in the rear-view mirror and reinvent transit for Pittsburgh's future. The name PRT and its brand position are much more closely aligned with the region's current momentum and direction.

Brand strategy

The PRT brand reflects who we are and how the Pittsburgh region views us. It's not just expressed in our marketing and communications, but also in the hearts and minds of every PRT rider.


What does this mean for riders?

Firstly, you will start to see new schedules, brochures, website, and signage redesigned consistent with the PRT brand over the next year.Vehicles will be repainted under the new brand design guidelines over the next few years. But most importantly, this will not disrupt the services we provide or the fares charged for those services.