A few tips will help to keep you safe and comfortable when riding our vehicles:

Safety and comfort tips for all of our riders

Riders with disabilities or using mobility devices/special needs strollers


Riders are no longer required to fold a stroller when boarding a vehicle. Strollers may remain open with the child secured inside under the following conditions:

  • The parent/guardian/caretaker MUST maintain control of the open stroller at all times.
  • The child MUST remain secured in the stroller for the duration of the ride.
  • The parent/guardian/caretaker MUST maintain the open stroller in a manner that it does not block aisles or interfere with other riders.
  • The parent/guardian/caretaker IS requested to relinquish priority seating to elderly passengers and/or riders with disabilities who choose to sit in that area.
  • If the vehicle becomes too crowded the parent/guardian/caretaker will need to remove the child from the stroller, and fold/stow it until they alight.
  • Children with disabilities are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and are permitted to ride in an open stroller at all times.


If you have an emergency while riding a vehicle, please alert the operator. Operators can contact police, paramedics, and other first responders.

If there is an incident on your vehicle that requires evacuation, please follow the operator's instructions. Calmly leave as directed, assisting senior citizens and any other riders whenever possible.