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PRTX Bus Rapid Transit: The University Line is Coming Soon!

PRTX is Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s bus rapid transit service. Communities with PRTX service can expect more reliable, on-time service thanks to transit-only travel lanes and intersection and signal improvements. The project includes 23 new shelters with upgraded amenities like next bus arrival screens, ticket and fare vending machines, seating, trash receptacles, lighting, emergency phones, and security cameras. The entire community will benefit from significant investments in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure including new sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, protected bike lanes, traffic signals, and landscaping. The University Line is Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s first corridor under PRTX.

The University Line will operate between Downtown, Uptown and Oakland with bus service from the corridor extending into the east end and beyond. The University Line will use Fifth and Forbes Avenues in Uptown and Oakland and Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Downtown. Five bus routes will operate on this corridor once construction is complete - these routes are currently the 61A, 61B, 61D, 71B, and P3.

Project Status

The first phase of construction started in downtown Pittsburgh on September 13, 2023, and is expected to take about 18 months. The second phase that includes Uptown and Oakland is at 100% design. Once the project is awarded construction will take 24-30 months.