The University Line will operate from downtown Pittsburgh to Uptown and Oakland.

October 2023 Changes

To facilitate construction, bus routes 61D-Murray, 71A-Negley, 71C-Point Breeze, and 71D-Hamilton will end their inbound trips in Oakland and will no longer serve Uptown and downtown Pittsburgh. These routes will have the word “Short” added to their route names and head signs.

Routes 71A, 71C and 71D will travel inbound to Robinson Street, turn left, travel along Fifth Avenue and begin their outbound routing at Craft Avenue.

The 61D will turn around at Robinson Street, travel southbound on Craft Avenue, and continue its outbound trip on Forbes Avenue.

Riders heading to Uptown or Downtown Pittsburgh can transfer to 61A, 61B, 61C, or 71B. Transfers within three hours are free with a ConnectCard ot Mobile payment. Riders paying with cash must pay another fare.

61D10123.PNG     71s10123.PNG

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Future Changes

Once constructed, these routes become PRTX routes.


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61D - Murray        

71A - Negley        

71C - Point Breeze        

71D - Hamilton        

P3 - East Busway-Oakland        

Minor service changes        

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