We are gathering input from the community on the resdesign of Station Square Station as part of our Station Improvement Program. Through this project, we are looking to enhance customer amenities at the station, increase ridership, and encourage new development in the area.

Please check back with this page to learn about the latest information and opportunities to provide feedback.

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We held an online public meeting on Monday, April 19, 2021 to discuss the Station Square Station Improvement Project. If you were unable to attend, we welcome you to view a video of the presentation and review the slides.

Online Public Meeting - April 19, 2021

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Project Plan 

The Station Square Station Improvement Project is part of our Station Improvement Program. This program is aimed at investing capital resources into existing stations along our East and West Busways and Red, Blue and Silver light rail transit lines to increase ridership and encourage more equitable transit-oriented development. Stations were prioritized based on a detailed evaluation of factors contributing to transit-oriented development, and Station Square rated as one of the high priority locations. 

The Station Square Station transit center is home to four bus stops, a light rail station, and the nearby Monongahela Incline station and occupies a critical location within the Pittsburgh region.

In 2018, a Station Area Plan was developed, and stakeholders and the public were engaged to provide feedack. The ultimate goals of this plan were to provide opportunities for future development at the site, increase transit use, improve station access and create a welcoming station design, including the area immediately surrounding the lower station of the Monongahela Incline.

The Station Square Station Area Plan is one step closer to becoming a reality! Design documents will be completed in 2024.

Project Documents

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Proposed Overall Platform - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Outbound Platform - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Bus Stop Canopy at Street Level - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Bus Stop Canopy at Street Level (Aerial View) - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Accessible Exit Ramp and Canopy (View 1) - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Accessible Exit Ramp and Canopy (View 2) - 30% Design (2021)



Proposed Screen Wall at LRT Overpass - 30% Design (2021)



Planned PennDOT Intersection Improvements for Carson and Smithfield (2019)



Monongahela Incline Conceptual Design (2018)

Mon Incline 30 Percent.png


Station Area Plan Historical Documents (2018-2019)


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